This is not a whale, Bulhakov!

Kristina Kapeljuh, 2022

Kristina KAPELJUH on recognizing imperialistic narratives and their influence on contemporary culture on the example of Soviet Union literature

The difference between cancel culture and decolonization is a fragile subject. This discussion has reached its peak due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. By taking her personal experiences and projects as a starting point, the artist Kristina KAPELJUH will discuss political narratives in Soviet Russian literature and their continuing presence in contemporary Russian propaganda. The aim of the presentation is to show the influence of imperialist narratives in internationally recognized and praised literature, thus giving insight into the heated debate surrounding the boycott of Russian culture.

The event was initiated by Office Ukraine Innsbruck and takes place in the context of the exhibition Artists Support Ukraine at Neue Galerie.

Kristina Kapeljuh, born in Ukraine, a student of Scotland, Switzerland, and England; artist in residency in Ukraine, Austria, and Iceland, currently printmaker at bilding, Kunst und Architekturschule in Innsbruck.
„Throughout my life, there has been continual mobility. As a consequence, metamorphosis and movement are the key concepts that create the foundation of my current practice. At its core, my work explores ideas of contemporary metaphysics of difference while reflecting the intensity and pattern of materiality in flux. I am fascinated by the relationship between materiality, time, and form that are communicated through diverse imagery. A hybrid between printmaking, intuitive drawing, and digital media embodies the communication of these ideas. In light of current events, my practice addresses and develops a project on dualism, imperialism, and chauvinism, and their relationship to the Russian-Ukrainian war in a contemporary context.“

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