Andrea Lüth

Graphic Design: Andrea Lüth

When there is nothing left to be cleared out, it’s time for painting! For her solo show at the Kunstpavillon in autumn 2023, Andrea Lüth makes the resilience of MALAREI her own by using the freedom she finds in alternating techniques in her œuvre – from drawing – to object – to painting. Through her immediate approach, Lüth reflects on the concept of the motif. She thinks and works in parallels and can always be read in multiple directions. Everything is possible, but nothing is obligatory. Just don’t see things too simplistic.

Visitors text by Bettina Siegele

Andrea Lüth was born in 1981 in Innsbruck, she studied painting and graphic arts as well as fine arts in Linz and Berlin. She lives in Vienna. Andrea Lüth’s art includes drawing, painting, video and text as well as installation and art in public space. She is a musician in the band BRIVAT. In her cross-disciplinary works, the artist surprises with ever new approaches, subverting expectations and questioning habitual ways of seeing.
Numerous exhibitions, projects, art in public space and residencies at home and abroad.