Formen des Ungehorsams

Cornelia Herfurtner

Picture Credits: Cornelia Herfurtner, New Yorker Griffe 3, differen materials on ply wood, 2023, photo © John MacLean

Formen des Ungehorsams
Cornelia Herfurtner

curatorial support: Bettina Siegele

For her solo exhibition titled Formen des Ungehorsams at the Kunstpavillon, artist Cornelia Herfurtner continues her research on the history of assembly rights and social movement strategies for self-protection and the use of public space, which she has been working on for several years. Using wooden reliefs and complex multi-part installations, the Berlin-based sculptress works on the history and present of freedom of assembly and civil disobedience. Formen des Ungehorsams is part of the annual programme The Resistance of Nothingness curated by Bettina Siegele.

Exhibition folder

Cornelia Herfurtner is a visual artist living in Berlin. She works both under her civil name and in various collectives. Since summer 2020, she has been working on the subject of passiven Bewaffnung [passive armament]. This is a valid legal construct in the Federal Republic of Germany that allows the wearing or carrying everyday and other protective objects at demonstrations to be criminalized. Besides repressive court judgements, she has come across a wide range of practices for self-protection at demonstrations that are used worldwide. For this cycle of work, she has learned wood carving and sculpts primarily in lime wood.
From September to November 2022, she spent time in New York researching social movements and the history of engaged art practices from Heartfield to Decolonize this place.
Politically, the artist is organized in the alliance Rheinmetall Entwaffnen, which campaigns to stop arms production and export from the Federal Republic of Germany.



Thursday 08.02.2024, 19.00
Welcoming: Angelika Wischermann (member of the board)
Introduction: Bettina Siegele

Outreach programme
17.02.2024 | 27.04.2024 | 11.30
exhibition tour Art & Coffee

21.03.2024 | 19.00
Artist Talk with Cornelia Herfurtner & Bettina Siegele

11.04.2024 | 17.30
curator’s tour with Bettina Siegele